• Established in 1997
  • Based in Rochester, MN
  • Most widely used SAN file system in the world

About Us

Mission Statement

At DataPlow, our mission is to develop and distribute software that shares the world’s electronically stored data, efficiently and securely.

Our file system software facilitates transparent and cost-effective data management for a broad spectrum of devices, including consumer electronics, workstations, servers, and supercomputers.

Company Background

While canoeing in the Boundary Waters, conversations about transferring electronic data evolved into ideas about creating robust, yet secure, file sharing for a wide range of environments. During a fireside chat, a new file system architecture was invented and a new company was conceived. Upon returning to civilization, the founders set in motion plans for making DataPlow the premier vendor of SAN-based file systems.

Much has happened since that 1997 trip. Ingenious engineering and unequalled customer service propagated key partnerships that sparked a cult-like following. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many, DataPlow SFS has become the most widely used SAN file system in the world.
"SFS paid for itself in recovered disk space."
- Jeff Scott, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Your cost-effective and robust file sharing solutions are truly industry leading."
- Chris Dobbins, University Center Rochester
"DataPlow SFS is the best solution for server virtualization."
- Max Trinidad, Claire’s Stores Inc.
"Your products and service are superb!"
- Jim McKelvey, VideoCubed
"As a reseller, customer satisfaction is key. I highly recommend DataPlow."
- Jeff Syversen, TDX Tech
"Our business hinges on sharing data quickly. DataPlow SFS delivers with unprecedented performance."
- Greg Kelley, Vestige, Ltd.
"The show must go on, flawlessly. With DataPlow SFS,
I know it will."
- Ross Anderson, Guthrie Theater
"DataPlow SFS is the only software I trust to manage our mission-critical systems."
- Pedro Vivó, Tetrabit
"After implementing DataPlow SFS, our productivity and profits skyrocketed."
- Kevin Fitzgerald, Aero-Graphics
"For web serving, DataPlow SFS is simply the best."
- Jeremy Farber, Streetfire
"I’m pleased with DataPlow’s kind and effective support!"
- Levente Pánczél, Groware Ltd.
"I wish all companies in the computer industry took supporting their products as seriously as DataPlow."
- Bill Arzt
DataPlow SFS is the Most Widely Used SAN File System in the World
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